Plein Air Picture Frame 629-NF-Mini Trio


Straight line Plein Air design, available with or without flower, *NF = No Flower *WF = With Flower.
(These frames will automatically come with the corner ornament unless
you choose NF.)
Take advantage of special group pricing by purchasing 3 of our smaller sizes as a trio, currently only offered and specially made for our popular 629 line.

*Please note: You can choose between the 3 finishes, any combination or all the same, however the 3 frames MUST all be the same sizes to receive the Mini Trio pricing. This is because we have pre-made custom boxes to quickly expedite your order. Shipping costs separate.

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(Price per frame, must order 3 per box, same size.)

  • 629-84G-NF

    Plein Air picture frame

    Straight line Plein Air design with flower. Black with gold undertone and antique gold coppery lip.

    Available Sizes:

  • 629-238-NF

    Plein Air picture frame

    Antique silver.

    Available Sizes:

  • 629-55-NF

    Plein Air picture frame

    Antique gold, broken leaf with red undertones.

    Available Sizes:

1035M-55 1035M-55

Plein Air frame

Antique gold broken leaf with red undertone.


Go to 1035M-55
1020-238 1020-238

Plein Air frame

Antique champagne silver.



Go to 1020-238
598-100-NL 598-100-NL

Traditional frame

Light antique gold finish with slight black and red undertone. No liner.

Go to 598-100-NL
  • Minimum order is $100.00 plus freight/shipping.
  • Shipping: Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S.
  • Shipping charges will be calculated on orders separately and charged at time of shipping.

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3 1/8 X 1 3/4"

629-Trio-NF Frame Profile

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